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Awarded a quality nomination by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science


This PhD. Programme, designed by the Department of English and German Philology of the University of Zaragoza following the criteria of the European convergence, rounds off the training initiated in the Official Master Degree in 'Textual and Cultural Studies in English', where the regular courses of the Programme are taught. Its purpose is to specialise students in the research necessary for the preparation of a doctoral thesis in English Studies. Following the structure of the Master degree, the PhD. Programme likewise proposes three main research lines: Contemporary Fiction in English; Cinema, Culture and Society; and The Use of Metadiscourse Elements in the Transmission of Scientific Knowledge.




This entirely English-taught course for research and further study aims to improve students? job prospects by strengthening their skill base and widening their knowledge and competence in the fields of literature, film and/or linguistics. The study of film, literature and linguistics helps students to achieve a mature understanding of themselves and the world and to learn to read critically and analytically, write clearly and persuasively, and think independently. For these reasons such study is ideal preparation for professional training in fields such as law, commerce and journalism, or for responsible positions in business and industry. This Master can also be combined with preparation for elementary and secondary school teaching. In addition, the course provides a solid foundation for students who intend to work on a Phd thesis. The course is open for both Spanish and foreign students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualifications. The master's programme is an opportunity for students to obtain a competitive Master's degree of the highest international standard.