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Susana Onega. Libros Pórtico: Zaragoza. 1979.




Susana Onega, Análisis estructural, mÉtodo narrativo y "sentido" de The Sound and The Fury, de William Faulkner, Libros Pórtico: Zaragoza. 1979. 153 pp. ISBN: 84-85264-32-0.

In this path-breaking study, the author situates Faulkner's most experimental novel in its cultural and literary context and provides an in-depth analysis of the novel's thematic and structural features. Making use of French structuralist tools, Onega demonstrates the inseparability of subject-matter and form and the close relationship between experimentation and ideology, and casts significant new light on the meaning of the novel itself and on its contribution to stream-of-consciousness fiction in general.