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Marita Nadal y M. Dolores Herrero (eds.), Universidad de Zaragoza: Zaragoza. 1997





Marita Nadal y M. Dolores Herrero (eds.), Margins in British and American Literature, Film and Culture. Universidad de Zaragoza: Zaragoza. ISBN: 84-89513-73-2.


Edited by Marita Nadal and M. Dolores Herrero, this book gathers a series of interesting articles that approach the issue of margins from a variety of perspectives. Divided into three sections, "PART I: At the Margins of British Literature" includes articles on topics as diverse as the questions of class and gender in women's writing of the romantic period,  Welsh writing in English, Tony Harrison's approach to class and place in his poetry, and the body as lesbian signifier in Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body. "PART II: At the Margins of American Literature" includes articles on the instability of historicity, the writing of contemporary African-American women writers, and the issue of Chicana identity in Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek. Finally, the articles in "PART III: At the Margins of Mainstream Hollywood Cinema" deal with the representation of margins in films that range fromOrson Welles's Touch of Evil to Donna Deitch's Desert Hearts or Ang Lee's The Wedding Banquet